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In this blog you'll find things related to my favs dramas, tv-shows and anime/manga :) I'll try to post some of my creations but I'll probably reblog too XD
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D’Artagnan + Constance - I’ll be right beside you [RUN]

Here my 2nd Constagnan video :) Hope you’ll like it!

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D’Artagnan + Constance | Fly Straight

Here my first video about this couple :) I hope’ll like it

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Ji Young + Hyung Joon[Miss Korea - Episode 9]

"Ji Young. We are going to the finals!"

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Ji Young + Hyung Joon - "waikiki" [Miss Korea - Episode 8]

Hi! I’m back with a new otp :) I love this new drama and the chemestry between these two *O* <3333

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enbisevdigim61 asked: "Woooow, I love your blog. It's wonderful,you are wonderful,your gifs are wonderful :D ^^ Just love it! :)"

awwwww thank you so much <333 you’re too kind *______* I’m really glad you like my blog and my gifs :))) thanks a LOT <333333

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MIN HYUK + YOO JUNG - The End [Secret - Episode 16]

This was the BEST ENDING EVER!!!!!!! *O* omg we had an HAPPY ENDING!!! <3333 The kiss, the stares, the smiles: PERFECT SCENE <3333 awwwww they are SO ADORABLE *_________* I already miss these two!!!! Secret was the best drama of the year, amazing from the beginning ‘til the very end :))) THANK YOU so much!

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MIN HYUK + YOO JUNG - Scar Kiss [Secret - Episode 15]

I was waiting for this scene *O* awwwwww <33333333

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"Did you do it because of me?"

MIN HYUK + YOO JUNG - [Secret - Episode 13]

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